13 January 2010

The Open Source World

“Idea is born free but everywhere it is under patents.”

          I used to dream of a superhuman who is massively strong, amazingly intelligent and able to do almost anything that is impossible for normal individuals. This guy could easily handle even an elephant..!!(Even if hundreds of men are there, their combined strength cannot be applied on the elephant. So my hero is quite a super-hero!). Later on I realised that such a hero cannot exist.
          But to my surprise, almost near to my dream there exists something which, even at this second, is busy solving the problems worldwide. That is a highly active, proactive and creative community which is “the Open Source Community”. Here no problem is unhandleable any more. The synergy of hackers situated around the globe is sufficient to solve any problem on globe. Just get stunned to see the huge number of active open source projects - Wiki “List of open source softwares”
          Like many others, I too used Windows. But later, I got oppurtunity to know Linux a little bit closer. Slowly I switched over to Linux. One thing I'm thankful to Microsoft is for helping me to learn how to install an operating system fluently on my computer(Guess how..!!)
          To learn more, many wonderful articles about the free software community, culture and different aspects in this field authored by eminent people are available like “The Cathedral and The Bazaar”, “How to become a hacker”, “The art of Unix Programming”, etc.
          Why Linux??!!For a worthy comparison between Linux and Windows, visit http://www.whylinuxisbetter.net/. Windows users, you may find your last reason to embrace freedom leaving windows behind.

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