26 September 2010

Field Visit

    The teacher declared: "And that is the place where we are going right now to conduct the field-visit." He continued: "The ruins which were once the cradle of great civilizations where our culture and traditions were born. Some place where there was an abundance of fresh and free air, water and greenery and landscapes beyond imagination. The place where humans were born."

    Teacher pointed his hands to a distant place beyond the windows of the vehicle. Suddenly, the students started to chatter in between them. The teacher motioned to keep silence and asked one boy what the discussion was about. He asked: "But sir, we've studied that human beings were born in the blue planet. This is not blue. This is some grey planet." Teacher replied:"Yeah, And how the blue planet got transformed into grey, you'll study in the next year." The teacher took a deep breath and spoke out gently, "And this place is The Earth." 
    Few moments later the space-ship landed on the Grey planet.

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