04 March 2011

What's ON now..!

      Mini-Project - The main process running right now using up most of the resources. My team-mates are Akhil K, Rahul CP & Salim Ali UT. Ours is an embedded systems project. We intend to implement  a basic general purpose vehicle that can be controlled by remote computer. The program in computer will be written using Python programming language. As of now Sensor-module and Motor-module works perfectly. Now moving on to the RF-module part. After that we've to do the interfacing with computer through USB port and the python GUI interface. Then that vehicle can be made something specific like maze solver, unmanned campus taxi, etc. I'm getting good technical support from my senior, Appu Sajeev. Quite interesting. Everybody has finally started 'doing' something..!! And another interesting trend is the use of Python - Many projects rely on python.

      A simple python utility - Here's a simple python utility that I wrote. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/21358124/result. This is a command-line utility that downloads the university exam result of any given roll number. I'm glad that it is found useful by somebody - Our Tutor was searching for a program that fetches the results of all students. A simple modification to this did the job..:)

      TECHIES '11 - A techfest at IES college. Participated in C debugging competition. Didn't get any prize. But it boosted my self-confidence, because I was first in preliminary round. Next round, was coding - finding saddle-point of a 3x3 matrix and implementation of mxn matrix multiplication using array of pointers. It took a li'l time for me to start working smoothly in TURBOC and I made a silly logical error also. And the winner is our junior Anand. I regret I didn't attend many techfests. Will try now onwards.

      Sister got placed - My sister got placed at Cognizant, Chennai. Waiting for her first salary..:-)


BIG DADDY said...

and we r eagerly witing for ur treat!!!!

achootty said...

hi jithu......am archana.....frm IES.........thanks 4 ur coming.....u ppl made dis event such a great success....thanks alot.....WAIT 4 TECHIES'12.....hav a nice evng.......

Jithu Sunny said...

Good job, best of luck for T'12.

Note: We will be announcing our college-techfest 'AMALGAM8' shortly. Expecting a huge participation from IES..:)

viji said...

Thanks for sharing, I will bookmark and be back again

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