08 August 2011

Mini Project - Computer controlled Vehicle

Our Mini-Project was a Computer controlled vehicle. The user can control the vehicle using a GUI in the system. The GUI was coded in PyQt and it had PySerial code embedded in it for serial communication. 
At the system side,
  • CP2102 USB - UART Bridge.
  • 433 MHz Transmitter. 
  At the vehicle side,
  • Microcontroller - Atmel Atmega8.
  • L293D motor driver IC.
  • 433 MHz Receiver.
  • 12V Battery.
  • 7805 Voltage regulator IC.
  • DC Motors and other mechanical parts like chassis, wheels, etc.
  Screenshot of the GUI:
    Updated on: Sept 7, 2011

    Source Files 
    C-Code for AVR AtMega8 Microcontroller - Download
    PyQt4 Source for GUI - Download
    Project Report pdf - Download 

    The Github repo of Mini-Project is here - https://github.com/jithusunny/Mini-Project


    Anonymous said...

    Hi, Your project is really wonderful, Congrats :)

    I've a ATMega8 chip, tried many ways to program it, but unfortunately none worked. Could you please tell me how you did it?

    Thanks :)

    Jithu Sunny said...

    Thanks Ershus :-)

    For programming the AtMega chips, we need a programmer circuit. That can be either a parallel port/USB port programmer. I used a USB programmer from Extreme Electronics - http://store.extremeelectronics.co.in/USB-AVR-Programmer-v2.0.html

    And that site has tutorials also.

    Here is an article by Pramode Sir about playing with AtMega in GNU/Linux environment.

    Jithu Sunny said...


    Anonymous said...

    Thank you very much for the information :)

    I think I will not be able to buy one from extremeelectronics. I'm trying to build a USB/Parallel port programmer circuit, tried many ways, none worked. The circuit diagram is missing in Promode sir's article. Could you show me the circuit of promode sir or ask him to upload?

    Thanks again :)

    Jithu Sunny said...

    Parallel port programmer - http://www.botskool.com/user-pages/tutorials/electronics/parallel-port-programmer-atmega-1632

    Simpler circuit. If you have a parallel port, go for this.

    USB Programmer - http://www.fischl.de/usbasp/

    I have setup both successfully.

    Anonymous said...

    Thanks a lot, I will try to build the USB programmer according to the link you provided :) Greetings!

    randipa gunathilake said...
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    Jithu Sunny said...

    Hi Randipa,
    The Vss in L293D is the supply voltage for the motor. 12V should be okay, max possible is 36V as per datasheet.

    The rest, wherever you see 5V and GND, give a 5V potential difference.

    You can get 5V from the 12V supply itself using a 7805 Voltage regulator IC.

    randipa gunathilake said...

    Hey thanks for replying soon... :)

    How do you connect vcc with the motor. SORRRRY>>

    Jithu Sunny said...

    Hi Randipa,
    The 5V supply can be connected to both Vcc of microcontroller and the 5V of Motor driver IC.

    If you are talking about the Motor itself, it doesn't need any extra power. We are providing Vss.

    randipa gunathilake said...

    Thanks a lot my stuffs arriving soon :) I can't wait till they come. one thing can you open the gui without the python programmer(without downloading a big file).

    Jithu Sunny said...

    I dint get your question, you need python installed in your system to run that code.

    randipa gunathilake said...

    Thanks for tour support!!! you rock>>>
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    1 000000

    (this is a hand)

    randipa gunathilake said...

    the top one didn't work!!

    bob Sd said...

    Hello jithu sunny!!

    I haven't ever used python or anything( only visual basic) can you please tell me how to get the file running(gui)

    randipa gunathilake said...

    thanks a lot jithu sunny..

    I finally finished my circuits but I couldn't get the program running I downloaded python!!! helpp

    Jithu Sunny said...

    @bob You have to first get PyQt4 - http://www.riverbankcomputing.com/software/pyqt/download

    Jithu Sunny said...

    @Randipa - For running the program, you need PyQt4.

    randipa gunathilake said...

    thanks jithu sunny , but it says no module named serial..

    Jithu Sunny said...

    Hi Randipa,
    Thats because you don't have the python module serial in your system!