23 October 2011

Planet of the Sparrows

        As time passed by, the Sparrows started thinking. Putting aside their routine flying, pecking and feeding they sat thinking awkwardly for hours. Thousands of years later, they evolved into Sparrow Sapiens & dominated the planet.

        Some curious fellows thought such hard that they started thinking - 'What am I living for?' & 'What is the meaning of life?' A religion slowly took shape that gave ready-made answers for many questions. The majority of Sparrow Sapiens believed that they are the center of the universe and the creator is the Almighty Sparrow-God. A relatively small percentage thought that the Sparrow God is bull-shit and they did not believe. 

        The believers had volumes of unquestionable Holy scriptures, all-knowing Spiritual gurus, magnificent & huge Cathedrals atop trees, famous Pilgrim centers and that kept on accumulating. They did not have any reason not to believe in the Almighty Sparrow God. As taught by the Spiritual gurus, they lived a God-fearing life worshipping the Sparrow God 24X7. They stared at non-believers with disgust and sympathy.

        At present, depending upon the geography, the Sparrow Sapiens have a number of creators - Sparrow God I, Sparrow God II, Sparrow God III, etc. And because of this clash of ideas clash of beliefs, there exists conflicts between various religious groups. Many Sparrow-Sapiens even sacrifice their lives fighting for their faith.


Sneha Maria Dominic said...
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Sneha Maria Dominic said...

Why not substitute with homosapiens itself? Its cool when you speak straight from your heart, better not to twist it much. No hard feelings;-)

Jithu Sunny said...

If I substitute it with homo sapiens, no longer can I present it as fiction. Coz, then it becomes reality!

Thanks for the comment :)

BIG DADDY said...

wish it was longer man...:)

Jithu Sunny said...

Actually I thought of writing a microfiction. But couldnt exress everything in lesser words. Hence a mini-fiction ;-)

Unknown said...

That was good. Longer would have been better. Looking forward to ur nxt post.

Jithu Sunny said...

Thanks man :)