26 March 2011

Resultmanager program - Python

Update 1: Added code to find out the number of students in each range of percentage. Eg- No.of students with percentage above 80%.
Here is a python program to process the results of any batch of degree students under Calicut university:

        I had already written a simple result fetching program that fetches and saves the s4 results of my classmates for my class tutor. Later, another program to fetch the s6 results of our seniors. But those programs are really useless after one use. When new results are out, they needs to be edited to work properly.
        So I worked on it & went on making it more general and here's the result. The program as of now can:
  • Find the class pass percentage.
  • Find the pass percentage of each subject.
  • Calculate the individual Totals & Percentages of passed students.
  • Find the class topper.
  • Find out no.of students in each range of percentages. Eg- between 60% & 75%.
The program takes three inputs: the URL of a result page of any one student, total marks, no.of students.
        I have verified the program for the various branches of GECT successfully. The program works properly for results of any degree batch under Calicut university, provided their roll number is of the format :[A-Za-z]+[0-9]+. Eg: Mine is ETAIECS020. This single constraint will be fixed when I get time, because I'm very busy these days thanks to the various document submissions, mini-project, assignments & other stuff. :P
Here's the sample program output:

Browse the code in github.
Download the program.

Running the program
1) Download the code.
2) Open terminal & 'cd' to the directory containing the file.
3) type: python resultmanager.



Its really wonder full... da i want to study python...

Jithu Sunny said...

Thanks buddy..:-)

A good, quick intro into Python would be 'Byte of Python' - by Swaroop CH.

After completing that you can go on to the next level Tutorial - 'Dive into Python' by Mark Pilgrim.

IMHO, you should learn the basics first & start writing programs; Additional stuff you can/will learn as & when you require.

ershadk said...

Awesome code!! Wonderful!

Jithu Sunny said...

Thanks Ershus! :)