02 April 2011

Update - Perizia 3.0 Techfest @ Vidya Engg College.

     Computer science department of Vidya Academy of Science & Technology(VAST) conducted the tech-fest, Perizia 3.0 on April Ist & 2nd. And this post is about my participation in the event.

     I'm so happy with my first proper tech fest participation. I got first prize in on-line C coding competition. The question was to build a railway reservation system. More features, efficiency & documentation decides the winner. You can browse my code in github here. I got a Mouse-pad+USB hub+Calculator thing. It has an led lighting also - its cool..:-)
Here's a picture..
     Our team(Me + Vishwajeet Nair) got second prize in Quiz competition. We were so close to the first place but we couldnt get through the tie-breaker successfully. And in reverse scripting competition our team(Me + Syam Krishnan) bagged third prize. My friends also secured many prizes & I'm almost sure that GECT has the overall championship...:-)
     Tech-fests are cool...I'm liking it..:-)




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Congratulations....!!! and best wishes for the future techfests....!!!

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Thanks buddy...:-)